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CALH Journal

Contents CALH Journal (No. 49) Spring 2005 


1      Editorial

2      Against the Madness of Fanatics Jenny Dearlove

5      The Invention of the Pasty 'D'

9      A Nest of Smugglers B. Birchwood-Harper

14    Newsletter Extra Robert Lyle

        Day Visit Reports

16    Visit to Polruan Derek Reynolds


        AGM Reports 'Medical Matters'

18    A Liskeard Practice Derek Reynolds

20    The Chemist's Shop Joan Webb

22    Medical Records Sheila Lightbody


        2005 Conference Reports

23    Pre-Christian Ritual Sites in Cornwall Tony Wood

23    Christian beginnings in Cornwall Brenda Hull

24    Building into the Reformation Tony Wood

25    A Slow Return of the Catholic Church Pamela Dodds

25    Early Quakers in Cornwall Margaret Perry

26    Cornish Methodism Derek Reynolds

27    'What do we do with them now?' Sally Hall

28    Book Reviews 

36    Notes and Queries

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